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COVID-19 Childcare Safety Plan

To limit the amount of exposure within the childcare space and to maintain a safe social distance, parents will need to drop off and pick up their child on the front porch. I know this is a very difficult way to say goodbye to your little one, but limiting the number of people entering the house is a must at this time. In the morning it may help to spend a few extra minutes in the car or front yard before ringing the doorbell. Once I opened the door, it will be time to say a very quick goodbye. the first week or two may be rough and I wish it wasn't this way. At pick up time, please text or call  me and i will have your child meet you on the front porch. Please respect each family, and wait 6 feet away until the family in front of you at the door has dropped off or picked up their child. Please wear a mask when picking up and dropping off your child. If we are outside in the backyard you are welcome to enter the yard with a mask on. We have plenty of room to maintain social distance in the yard. I will try to be outside as much as possible at the end of the day *weather permitting. Since these new drop off and pick up procedures limit the sharing of information, please feel free to email, call, or text me.

Staying Healthy
Daily, you will need to take your child’s and your own temperature before leaving your home. Periodically each day, I will also take each child’s temperature, along with mine and anyone else in the house. If your child or anyone in your family has a temperature, even a low-grade temperature, your child cannot come to Wee Village. This virus spreads incredibly quickly. If one person in your family is infected, it would be extremely rare for everyone else in the house not to also become infected. Upon entering and exiting, I will clean each child’s hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water. We will wash or sanitize our hands often during the day. I will have hand sanitizer outside with us so that you can sanitize your hands when arriving and again with your child before leaving the yard at day’s end. Please leave all toys, treats, and stuffed animals at home during this pandemic time. If your child uses a lovey or a pacifier, one must be left here.

COVID-19 Illness policy
 My illness policy will now exclude your child if anyone in your immediate family, or others living in your home, experience any COVID-19 like symptoms. If anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID-19 and must quarantine as a result, your child cannot attend care during that quarantine period. You must report any exposure or symptoms to me immediately.
Your child cannot come to care if any of these COVID-19 like symptoms are or have been present in your child, or anyone in your immediate family or household:
· Fever
· Cough
· Cold-like symptoms
· Sore throat
· Chills
· Repeated shaking with chills
· Vomiting
· Diarrhea
· Rash
· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
· Muscle pain
· Headache
· Loss of taste or smell
· Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
· Confusion or inability to arouse
· Bluish lips or face
· Pink Eye
With COVID-19, children present differently and often exhibit mild cold like symptoms. This will make it very hard to determine the difference between the common cold or COVID-19. Unfortunately, but for the safety of the other children and their families, your child will be excluded for cold-like symptoms during this medically dangerous time. The usual 24-hour symptom-free wellness window will now extend to at least 72 hours (three full days). I know this is a long time. With continued social distancing, your child will be exposed to fewer childhood viruses and infections such as colds, belly bugs, etc. I am hopeful that as long as we all continue to socially distance ourselves and limit exposure to others, this exclusion period will be rare and unlikely.
If a child in my care, or anyone in my household tests positive for the COVID-19 Virus, I will immediately close childcare services and implement a two-week quarantine period in order to eliminate the possibility of the virus spreading to others. After the two-week quarantine, with no further virus spread or continuing symptoms, Wee Village will reopen. Before returning to Wee Village, the child who tested positive, as well as the parent or parents who are dropping off and/or picking up the child, must test negative for COVID-19. If anyone in my household or I would test positive at any time, we too will have to test negative before I am able to reopen Wee Village.

Vacations and Travel
Wee Village will follow recommended travel guidelines by our state, any child and/or family that travels outside of Massachusetts or travels by airplane will need to quarantine for a two-week period after returning from their travels before your child may return to care. Once this recommendation is lifted by our state it may be extended if the state that you are visiting has a hot spot or still has a recommended two week quarantine period in place.

Closings and Absences
If Wee Village must close for any COVID-19 related reason child care fees will be reduced to 25%. As the restrictions and recommendations change so may this policy. Any updates will go into effect immediately upon notification.

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